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Gamo Silent Cat .177 Owners Manual

Gamo Silent Cat .177 Owners Manual: A Complete Guide for Air Rifle Enthusiasts

If you are looking for a powerful and quiet air rifle that can deliver accurate and consistent shots, then you should consider the Gamo Silent Cat .177, a spring-piston breakbarrel air rifle that features the Whisper suppression technology that reduces the noise by up to 52%. The Gamo Silent Cat .177 is a great choice for hunting and target shooting, as it can shoot PBA grade pellets at 1200 fps and lead pellets at 1000 fps. The Gamo Silent Cat .177 also comes with a 4x32mm scope and rings, a fluted polymer bull barrel, a smooth action trigger, a ventilated rubber pad, and fiber optic sights. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive owners manual for the Gamo Silent Cat .177, covering everything you need to know about this air rifle.

Gamo Silent Cat .177 Owners Manual

How to assemble the Gamo Silent Cat .177?

The Gamo Silent Cat .177 comes partially assembled in the box. You will need to attach the scope and rings to the air rifle before using it. Here are the steps to assemble the Gamo Silent Cat .177:

  • Remove the air rifle and the scope from the box and check for any damage or missing parts.

  • Locate the 11mm dovetail rail on top of the receiver of the air rifle. This is where you will mount the scope and rings.

  • Loosen the screws on the scope rings and place them on the rail. Make sure they are aligned with each other and spaced evenly.

  • Place the scope on top of the rings and tighten the screws slightly. Do not over-tighten them yet.

  • Adjust the position of the scope until you have a clear view of the target and a comfortable eye relief. The eye relief is the distance between your eye and the rear lens of the scope. It should be about 3 inches for this scope.

  • Tighten the screws on the scope rings firmly but not too hard. Do not use any tools or excessive force, as this may damage the scope or the air rifle.

  • Your Gamo Silent Cat .177 is now ready to use.

How to use and maintain the Gamo Silent Cat .177?

The Gamo Silent Cat .177 is easy to use and maintain, but you should follow some safety rules and precautions before and after using it. Here are some tips on how to use and maintain the Gamo Silent Cat .177:

  • Always treat the air rifle as if it is loaded and ready to fire. Never point it at anything you do not intend to shoot.

  • Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting or handling the air rifle.

  • Always check your target and what is behind it before shooting. Do not shoot at hard surfaces or water, as pellets may ricochet and cause injury or damage.

  • Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Do not pull the trigger unless you have a clear sight of your target.

Always use high-quality pellets that are suitable for your air rifle.

  • The best pellets for the Gamo Silent Cat .177 are the ones that are made by Gamo, such as the PBA Platinum, the PBA Armor, the PBA Raptor, and the Rocket. These pellets are designed to enhance the performance and accuracy of the air rifle. You can also use other brands of pellets, but make sure they are of good quality and compatible with your air rifle.

  • To load the air rifle, you need to break the barrel by holding the stock with one hand and pulling down the barrel with the other hand until it locks. Then insert a pellet into the breech with the skirt facing the stock. Push the pellet until it is flush with the breech. Return the barrel to its original position until it locks. The air rifle is now cocked and loaded.

  • To fire the air rifle, aim at your target using the scope or the fiber optic sights. Make sure there is nothing between you and your target. Put your finger on the trigger and squeeze it gently. Do not jerk or pull the trigger, as this may affect your accuracy.

  • To unload the air rifle, break the barrel again and remove any pellet from the breech. Return the barrel to its original position and pull the trigger while pointing the air rifle in a safe direction. This will release any remaining pressure in the air rifle.

How to store and transport the Gamo Silent Cat .177?

The Gamo Silent Cat .177 is a valuable and dangerous weapon that should be stored and transported with care and responsibility. Here are some tips on how to store and transport the Gamo Silent Cat .177:

  • Always unload the air rifle before storing or transporting it. Make sure there is no pellet in the breech or in the barrel.

  • Always store the air rifle in a safe and dry place, away from children and unauthorized persons. You can use a gun case, a gun rack, or a gun cabinet to store your air rifle.

  • Always transport the air rifle in a secure and discreet manner. You can use a gun case or a gun bag to transport your air rifle. Do not carry your air rifle openly or expose it to public view.

  • Always follow the local laws and regulations regarding the possession and transportation of air rifles. Some places may require you to have a license or a permit to own or use an air rifle.


The Gamo Silent Cat .177 is a high-quality and versatile air rifle that can provide you with hours of fun and satisfaction. Whether you want to hunt small game, shoot targets, or just plink around, the Gamo Silent Cat .177 can handle it all. With its Whisper suppression technology, smooth action trigger, fluted polymer bull barrel, and 4x32mm scope, the Gamo Silent Cat .177 offers you a great combination of power, accuracy, and quietness. However, you should also remember that the Gamo Silent Cat .177 is not a toy and should be treated with respect and responsibility. You should always follow the safety rules and precautions when using, maintaining, storing, and transporting your air rifle. You should also comply with the local laws and regulations regarding air rifles. By doing so, you can enjoy your Gamo Silent Cat .177 for a long time and avoid any accidents or troubles. d282676c82

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