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Philosophic Love Original Soundtrack [hack]l 'LINK'

V loved Rika dearly, even up to his eventual death. He made several comments in Secret 001 about what he viewed as her 'innocent soul', and saw her as his sun. In the Top Secret book (only VIP's have access to), it is said that V had a "philosophical love" towards Rika. V was one of the few people aware that Rika was mentally ill and encouraged her to seek treatment. Even though V tried his best to help to better Rika's condition, her view of the world became worse. In the hopes of stopping Rika from hurting herself, V tells Rika to hurt him instead. Eventually she blinded him. V tried to simultaneously stop Rika from harming others and kept her actions a secret because he wanted to preserve the good memory of her that the others had.

Philosophic Love Original Soundtrack [hack]l



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