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Remote Password Stealer 2.7 |WORK| Full Version.exe

This is especially needed if you installed the developer version of msysGit ("Full installer (self-contained) if you want to hack on Git" with the filename msysGit-fullinstall-*.exe), in this case it is necessary that the [MSYSGIT-INSTALL-PATH]\mingw\bin-folder is on the path (i.e. entered in the Extra PATH textbox) in order to execute git.exe.

remote password stealer 2.7 full version.exe


Push URL The Push URL of the remote. It is for some cases you cannot use the same URL to fetch and push (for example, fetch via password-less Git protocol but push via SSH). Otherwise, leave it empty. Note: This is not designed for forking workflow. For forking workflow, you should have 2 remotes. The format is the same as URL.

When performing git.exe or remote operations TortoiseGit dialogs play an animation with a flying turtle. This setting allows to disable the playing of the animation by setting it to false. The default value is true.

The keylogger can be set up to continue collecting logs when the victim is not connected. This is offered as an alternative to the automatic password stealer, allowing the malware operator to attempt to catch logins not stored in the system.

NetWire is a remote access Trojan focused on password stealing and keylogging, as well as including remote control capabilities. This threat has been used by malicious groups since 2012 and distributed through various social engineering campaigns (malspam). Recently, NetWire has been distributed as a second payload using Microsoft Word documents via GuLoader phishing waves.

TelnetEnable works with Windows NT and later.Administrator privileges may be required to permit telnetEnable.exe through Windows firewall.The tool tests successfully with Windows 7 64-bit and with an ordinary (non-privileged) user account:

Hey BarrowI was wandering if (1) I am on a local account will I be able to get the admin password?(2) I try to run it through a bat filelazagne.exe all > passwords.txtand I got the same problem as THEUNBORN . It say password not found. Do you have any idea what causing it

"A remote, unauthenticated attacker with knowledge of the hardcoded password could exploit this to log into Confluence and access any pages the confluence-users group has access to," the company said. "It is important to remediate this vulnerability on affected systems immediately."

CVE-2012-3137: The authentication protocol in Oracle Database Server,,,,, and allows remote attackers to obtain the session key and salt for arbitrary users, which leaks information about the cryptographic hash and makes it easier to conduct brute force password guessing attacks, aka stealth password cracking vulnerability.

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