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Buy A Russian Bear Dog

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Buy A Russian Bear Dog

1930 was when they first started appearing outside of the Soviet Union, in Germany, as guard dogs. Ever since, these dogs have gained popularity and demand for being used as bear-hunting dogs, prison guards, and even pet dogs. The Federation Cynologique Internationale officially accepted this breed in 1984.

The size of Russian Bear Dogs is as big as small-sized bears, which attributes them an intimidating figure. It is thought that these dogs were bred to be big, robust, and strong enough to fight wolves and other predators.

For instance, shepherds used to breed these dogs to be calm around their flock yet violent to repel intruders or predators. Even now, Russian bear dogs are known to be calm and tend to cuddle with owners or family but are intolerant to strangers.

Your place matters significantly in deciding whether to buy a Russian bear dog. It is because these dogs need to have a spacious place to roam freely. Experts believe that they do better in large homes. So if you are living in an apartment or small house without any fenced-off outside area, you should not think of adopting a Russian bear dog. Moreover, if you live in an apartment, they can cause problems for your neighbors as they are intolerant of strangers.

To conclude, Russian bear dogs are the most loyal, energetic, and unique dog breeds. They were initially bred to help shepherds protect their flocks, home, and livestock. Later, they made their way to the Soviet Union due to their incredible protective instincts.

Back in the days, Caucasian Ovcharkas were used as bear hunting dogs - that should give you an idea of what they could be capable of. Unfortunately, similar to pitbulls, this breed is known to be highly aggressive if not socialized properly. However, it does not mean that these dogs are not trainable. They are very smart, and can be just cuddly teddy bears for you and your family.

Without this extensive introduction to lots of people and dogs, a bear dog may view everyone unfamiliar as a threat. With a powerful and naturally wary dog like the Bear Dog Russian Breed, socialization is not just important. It is vital.

Russian Bear Dogs, commonly referred to as Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, were originally bred to protect flocks of sheep in the Caucasus Mountain region of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, North Ossetia, and Dagestan. The breed was developed in the 1920s from similar dogs in the Caucasuses. This breed is sometimes also used when hunting bears. They are a very large breed, with some dogs weighing around 200 pounds, and they have very strong protective instincts.

Russian Bear Dogs are a large breed dog that was bred to watch over flocks of sheep in the Caucasus Mountains. They are often referred to as Caucasian Shepherd Dogs and are sometimes even used when hunting bears.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a loyal guardian to the core. These dogs were bred to help shepherds in the Caucasus Mountain region keep their flocks safe from predators like wolves and bears. They often use these instincts in modern times to act as watchdogs and protectors, though they are sometimes overly apprehensive around strangers and don't take well to other animals entering their territory, including other dogs. Smart but headstrong, the massive Caucasian Shepherd Dog needs an experienced trainer that can handle an independent attitude with firm boundaries and patience. They are not high energy dogs, but their size demands space, making them ill-suited for apartment life. A yard with a solid, high fence is ideal. Although they aren't known for barking more than most dogs, they will alert owners to any dangers, even in the middle of the night, and their bark is quite loud. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs can make excellent family companions and should be indoors with their humans as much as possible. They should not be chained up outside, as this is a recipe for creating an aggressive, dangerous dog. With proper training, they can make loving family pet

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