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Trudi Canavan Black Magician Trilogy Epub _HOT_



The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan: A Review

If you are looking for a captivating fantasy series with magic, intrigue, and adventure, you might want to check out The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan. This trilogy consists of three books: The Magicians' Guild, The Novice, and The High Lord. In this article, I will give you a brief overview of the plot, the characters, and the themes of this series, as well as my personal opinion on why you should read it.

The Plot

The story is set in a world where magic is controlled by the Magicians' Guild, an elite organization that rules over the city of Imardin. The Guild is composed of magicians who come from noble and wealthy families, and who look down on the commoners and the slums. Every year, the Guild conducts a Purge, where they use their magic to drive away the undesirables from the city.

One year, during the Purge, a young girl named Sonea throws a stone at a magician's shield, and to everyone's shock, it penetrates through. Sonea is a slum dweller who has no idea that she possesses a rare and powerful natural talent for magic. The Guild realizes that they have to find her and train her before she becomes a danger to herself and others. But Sonea is afraid of the Guild and their intentions, and she flees into the slums with the help of her friends and a group of rebels called the Thieves.

Meanwhile, Lord Dannyl, a young magician who has just been promoted to Guild Ambassador, is sent to the neighboring countries to investigate the ancient history of magic. He discovers secrets that could change everything he knows about the Guild and himself. And he also finds himself drawn to a mysterious and handsome Elyne magician named Tayend.

As Sonea's powers grow stronger and more uncontrollable, she is eventually captured by the Guild and taken to their University. There, she faces prejudice, hostility, and isolation from her fellow novices and teachers. The only person who seems to care for her is Lord Rothen, her mentor. But Rothen has a rival: the High Lord Akkarin, the most powerful and feared magician in the Guild. Akkarin has a dark secret that he wants to share with Sonea, and he will stop at nothing to make her his protÃgÃ.

Sonea must decide who to trust and who to fear, as she learns more about the true nature of magic and her own destiny.

The Characters

One of the strengths of this series is its well-developed and diverse characters. Sonea is a strong and sympathetic heroine who struggles to adapt to a new and hostile environment. She is loyal, brave, and compassionate, but also stubborn, impulsive, and defiant. She grows a lot throughout the series, as she faces challenges and choices that test her morals and values.

Lord Rothen is a kind and gentle magician who becomes Sonea's mentor and father figure. He is one of the few magicians who treats Sonea with respect and kindness, and he tries to protect her from his colleagues' prejudice and malice. He is also a scholar who is interested in learning more about magic and other cultures.

Lord Dannyl is a curious and adventurous magician who embarks on a journey of discovery and self-acceptance. He is friendly, witty, and open-minded, but he also hides a secret that could ruin his career and reputation: he is gay. He falls in love with Tayend, an Elyne magician who shares his passion for knowledge and books.

Tayend is a charming and clever magician who works as a librarian in the Elyne court. He is also gay, but unlike Dannyl, he has accepted his sexuality and lives discreetly with his lover. He helps Dannyl in his research and becomes his guide and companion.

The High Lord Akkarin is a mysterious and enigmatic character who plays a crucial role in the series. He is the leader of the Guild and the most powerful magician in the world. He is respected by some, but feared by many. He has a dark past that haunts him, and a dark secret that he guards at all costs. He takes an interest in Sonea, and he tri

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