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Jungo WinDriver 1021 X86 X64: A Comprehensive Guide for USB/PCI Device Driver Development

after that, we have to get used to the new api, especially the new folder structure, configuration, registry and inf files. one big surprise was, that there is no easy way to integrate the usb descriptor files into studio. so we had to rewrite all those manually and hope, that we can continue to use them for that. when we found that, we added a tool to our installer to automate the process of rewriting and also allow to integrate the generated files.

Jungo WinDriver 1021 X86 X64

there was also some other minor issues, but nothing that would require the user to do anything before starting the automatic upgrade. so far, everything works like a charm for us. we even tried to do the upgrade without a computer, using just the internet, but it seems that even that would fail because the automatic unlink process failed.

the good news is, that the last beta we had before the final product shipped allowed to include all the beta modules. the bad news is, that all those beta modules are not really tested and mature, yet. so we also got a "clipping" error, the most common one, that came up when we tried to load the usb modules. later on, when the actual install process begins and we get to the driver model selection part, the "clipping" will fail (sometimes, although it is not quite clear why), and we will have to manually install the beta modules. i tried to manually uninstall the beta modules after that, as suggested by the installer, but no way. i still got the error and no way to uninstall them. it seems that the installer will first uninstall the beta modules, then go on to try to uninstall the stable driver.

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