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Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 10

Catt explains that there are not many women artisans because of the physically demanding work involved in refining silver sugar. The workshop's headmaster and Jonas's uncle Marcus Radcliffe drops by ordering Catt and Elliott Collins, the acting headmaster of the Paige workshop, to oversee the refinement. Ann gets to work and struggles before encountering Elliott and Bridget Paige, the daughter of the Paige workshop headmaster Glen Paige and Elliott's fiancée. After working all day refining silver sugar, Ann gets food from Bridget, who expresses her skepticism about female artisans, and secures her supply of sugar apples for the exhibition. That night after Ann falls asleep, Shall goes out and runs into Bridget, and Bridget expresses her love for Shall, but Shall rejects her feelings. Six days later Ann argues with Sammy over how to refine the sugar apples with Sammy disregarding quality before Keith takes Ann outside the workshop. Keith shows Ann his entry confection modeled off Shall as Ann figures out what her entry piece will be. As Ann looks out the window, she sees Bridget falling for Shall. Bridget explains that her marriage with Elliott was arranged and that Shall made her heart race, and Shall responds telling Bridget that she must possess his wing and order him to fall in love with her.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 10


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