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Islamization Of Pakistan Iqbal Zafar Pdf Free

pakistanis, who were the victims of this muslim failure, were not so much worried about the fate of the ottoman empire as they were about the fate of the muslims in india. they were unwilling to accept the notion of the decline of islam in the world and were resolved to give their own muslim community its rightful place in the world. their strength, therefore, was not so much their numbers but their ability to bring about a fundamental change in the attitude of the muslims of the world. they were willing to go to the extremes of martyrdom if need be. 16 the khilafat movement, which was initiated in the indian sub-continent by majlis-e-tahaffuz-e-khatm-e-nabuwwat (mtknn) in 1917-18, marked the beginnings of the muslim awakening. it was the first attempt to restore the institution of caliphate in the muslim world. the movement crystallized the growing perception that the caliphate was not just a spiritual but a political institution. 17 in this respect, the movement brought the muslim world into the vanguard of the fight against colonial occupation, which was the common enemy of muslim rulers, non-muslims and the muslims themselves. the declaration of independence by the indian national congress and the all india muslim league gave an impetus to the caliphate movement which was formally inaugurated at the majlis-e-tahaffuz in lahore in december, 1924. 18 the movement was a combined effort of muslim intellectuals, political leaders, clerics and masses from many parts of the muslim world.

islamization of pakistan iqbal zafar pdf free


the first project of pakistan was to begin with the construction of the birthplace of prophet muhammad. the project was delayed for many years due to internal and external reasons. pakistan is one of the most dynamic nations in the world and the most significant event occurred in the year of its creation; it was a momentous event for muslims and non-muslims alike.

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