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For as long as there have been movies, those about war and history have had power over viewers and no difficulty attracting prestige. The silent film considered to have won the very first Academy Award for Best Picture -- 1927's Wings -- dramatized the efforts of American soldiers in World War I. Two ceremonies later, All Quiet on the Western Front was recognized for its portrayal of the same war's tolls on the human spirit. When World War II broke out in the 1940s, movies were there to reflect the moment, initially to celebrate patriotic bravery (Mrs. Miniver) and shortly thereafter to sympathize with veterans' challenging return to civilization (The Best Years of Our Lives).As the world returned to peaceful times, filmmakers went back to less grand, global, unifying topics. Oscars went to behind-the-scenes showbiz dramas and escapist musicals. Still, films about the war continued to emerge, with a little more perspective and a little less timeliness.Released in 1953, From Here to Eternity looked back at the scene of the act that drove the United States into the war. Adapted from the best-selling 1951 novel by James Jones, who loosely based it on his own experiences in the US Army's Hawaiian Division before and after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, this is not your typical war movie. There isn't a shot fired until the final fifteen minutes and nearly the entire film is set before the U.S. declaration of war.Still, the rousing finale and its significant, lingering implications for the world shape this film about military life at Hawaii's Schofield Barracks in 1941. Our point of access to the facility is Private Robert E. Lee Prewitt (Montgomery Clift), a young career soldier whose demotion and transfer to Hawaii is questioned by his new commanding officers, Captain "Dynamite" Holmes (Philip Ober) and Sergeant Milton Warden (Burt Lancaster). Initially citing "personal reasons", Prewitt comes to confess he has chosen to leave the comfy Bugle Corps because a less talented soldier was made 1st Bugler over him. That's how the stubborn Prewitt rolls.An accomplished boxer too, Prewitt's not about to budge from his fighting retirement, though Holmes and his men will give him plenty of reason to. Having hung up his gloves after putting a man in a coma and making him go blind, Prewitt is prepared to endure some pressure to help his new infantry in the upcoming boxing championships. What he is given is "The Treatment", which sees him singled out for extra laps and marching, given few opportunities to leave the base, and put in demeaning situations where he is pushed into insubordination.Prewitt has one friend in his fellow private, Angelo Maggio (Frank Sinatra), a scrawny Italian-American who shows him a good time with an alcohol-fueled payday outing to the New Congress Club. There, Prewitt meets Lorene (Donna Reed), a working girl who attracts much attention from the soldiers. Bound by the production code, the film doesn't say it in as many words, but Lorene is supposed to be a prostitute.Lorene and Prewitt's isn't the only unlikely romance the film explores. Sgt. Warden sets his eyes on the Captain's wife Karen (Deborah Kerr), who's reputedly as much of a serial adulterer as her work-shunning husband is. Warden and Karen meet in secret and fall for each other, in spite of the relationship's many complications. It's the latter couple providing From Here to Eternity with its most iconic image, the sight of a man and a woman making out on the beach while waves gently crash over them. Seeing the clip out of context, as it has frequently been excerpted in everything from "Doogie Howser, M.D." to 13 Going on 30, or the image of it as the film's now go-to cover artwork, you might mistake this for some sudsy fairy tale romance. In fact, the couple's bliss is momentary, soured immediately after as Warden questions his boss' wife about her reputation.This is a mature adult drama whose depictions are unlike the happy ones we associate with t

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