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Starting: Fri 18 Feb 1994 - 15:42:33 ESTEnding: Tue 23 May 1995 - 18:08:17 ESTMessages: 1368 job search Oleg P. Lapets Mitsubishi MW-5U1 Position available COULTER XL DATA ANALYSIS Biagini, Raymond E. Zip Drives Christopher=Groves%TI%DFCI@RHYS.DFCI.HARVARD.EDU Position Available Coulter XL DATA EXPORT Biagini, Raymond E. Antibodies against RSV nucleocapsid prot. Steve G. Kayes UV and Visible beads S.P. Monard Boston User Group change reading mac disks in a pc Leon Martin FACScan Shutdown Movie for MAC Geoffrey Osborne ALERT:NIH SUPPORT Re: ALERT:NIH SUPPORT N.W. BLACKHALL Re: ALERT:NIH SUPPORT MFI 3.4J2 available Eric Martz AO for DNA/RNA Water testing Graham Vesey FCM TdT Birger Christensson Position Available Position Wanted RE: TdT control fast systems inc Re[2]: File transfers (pc mac) Re[2]: CD34 enumeration MFI 3.4J1 available Eric Martz Re: CellQuest and PowerPC/DOS Mike Clark CellQuest and PowerPC/DOS Hank Pletcher Re: CellQuest and PowerPC/DOS Matthias Haury Many thanks for winMDI! Don Healey ISHAGE 1995 Bakul I. Dalal MD FRCPC FACP FASCP Looking for FACS-440 PETER BERCZ TdT control Bakul I. Dalal MD FRCPC FACP FASCP Re: TdT control STEVEN DAVID GORE Re: TdT control RE: File transfers (pc mac) Joseph Webster winmdi20.exe Don Healey Re: winmdi20.exe Joseph Webster Employment Opportunity Gary Elliott Visible paramecium Elaine Kunze Propidium Iodide Martin Poot job opportunity Christine X. O'Connell Re: CD34 cell enumerations STEVEN DAVID GORE PC and MAC LANs Don Healey CD34 enumerations Marie-Terese Little RE: CD34 cell enumerations (pc mac) Leon Martin Apoptosis: HO 342 & PI Propidium Iodide Spectra Michael Herron re: Propidium Iodide Spectra Marcia=Woda%Facs%UMASS@BANYAN.UMMED.EDU vaporware announcement Dennis Sasaki CD34 enumeration Dennis Sasaki Re: CD34 enumeration LORI ANDERSON re: CD34 enumeration LORI RUDZITIS PE-TR tandem conjugates DrBlood Re: AO DNA/RNA T. Vincent Shankey AO DNA/RNA Re: AO DNA/RNA RE: CD34 cell enumerations Ross Longley Re: CD34 cell enumerations STEVEN DAVID GORE Re: Anti-ICAM-2 antibodies S.P. Monard Re: Penn State flow Cytometry Research DEBORAH SHUEY GROVE ANTI-ICAM-2 ANTIBODIES Cindy Jurgensen Ext. 2239 PCs, Macs, and FACS (was: CD34 cell enumerations) CD34 cell enumerations G R BARCLAY Re: CD34 cell enumerations Margaret Cooley Continuous BrdU labelling-Hoechst 33258 assay Re: Continuous BrdU labelling-Hoechst 33258 assay Peter Rabinovitch Large Listmode files Larry Seamer AMCA - SulfoNHS. Martin Poot Univ Minn Name & Address Eric Martz Intra-cellular antigens (again!) Don Healey Anti-ICAM-2 antibodies Rinder, Henry Susan Grigsby's Indo-1 ratio problem w. Cicero Ira Schieren Differential on FACStar+ Eric Martz ACAS 570 data analysis using commercial programs Chris Eichman-1 Annual Course in Flow Cytometry Ross Longley AMCA-SulfoNHS Elaine Kunze ANNOUNCE: UK Meeting - Prospects for Immunotherapy Dr Stephen P Young Cell permeabilization Clive Gray More BUG info CytonetUK Home Page Terry Hoy Supertechs Terry Hoy Anyone at Penn State University Peta Basford BUG meeting Peter Lopez Calcium detection in yeast DAVIN JUTILA Apoptosis with Hoe342 ratio John Dunne 855-5504 re: Indo-1 Ratios Eric Martz question fred nasim ACAS 570 data analysis using commercial programs Raymond B. Hester MFI enhanced (3.4J) Eric Martz rat antineutrophil antibodies Re:Re: Problems with the elite Andreas Simm Indo - 1 Ratio Mean Channel etc. Martin Poot Apoptosis / spectral shift Re: Apoptosis / spectral shift Dr Michael Ormerod Cyclin (and WAF1) expression Cellquest and PowerMac...SUMMARY + Thanks Matthias Haury Indo-1 Ratio Mean channel c Susan Grigsby Re: Indo-1 Ratio Mean channel c re: Indo-1 Ratio Mean channel c PI,PE,FITC problems with the Elite Andreas Simm Re: problems with the Elite ANTI-THROMBOCYTE ANTIBODIES IN ITP RE: ANTI-THROMBOCYTE ANTIBODIES IN ITP Rinder, Henry SUMMARY: CellQuest Leon Martin Job Opportunity Patty Lekas FACSCAN WATTAGE Frederic Preffer Re: FACSCAN WATTAGE Micronuclei by flow Tim Bracey Need help tracking some lost scientists... ANTI-THROMBOCYTE ANTIBODIES IN ITP Birger Christensson Re: ANTI-THROMBOCYTE ANTIBODIES IN ITP