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Buy Our Bottles

Buy Our Bottles ===

Profile: The time has come to harvest the oldest barrels in the distillery. Filled in 2015 and forgotten. This straight bourbon is aged over 7 years in small 15 gallon oak casks. Less than 150 bottles exist. 50.5% alcohol smooth yet complex. Extreme limited release.

Located in the great state of South Carolina? You are in for a special treat! You can buy our delicious, locally made bottles of goodness from the convenience of your fuzzy slippers and internet connection!

It costs us twice as much money to buy back our bottles from you and sanitize them as it would for us to recycle them and buy brand new ones. This is true! We want you to know it isn't a program for profits, it's a program for love of our island!

Bottle sparklers are one of our hottest selling items, and for good reason. Also known as champagne bottle sparklers, these fountain-style sparklers are the perfect way to add some fun and excitement to the bottles you serve at your wedding. With a little help from these beautiful additions, your champagne ceremony will be transformed into a breathtaking visual delight.

Ramping up from just the head table, some couples prefer to have all the bottles of champagne delivered with a sparkler. If you have a large guest list, it can be a tall order to achieve this. But if your wedding is a manageable size, coordinating several bottles of champagne with sparklers attached can be well worth the trouble.

Whether you use them at your wedding, another type of event, or at your nightclub or restaurant, bottle sparklers can transform an ordinary champagne bottle into a sparkling masterpiece. There is no substitute for sparklers designed for use with bottles, and these are made for that specific purpose. Also, since they are identical to our wedding cake sparklers, they have more than one purpose.

We bought a box of these bottle sparklers for our champagne bottles at our wedding reception, and everyone loved them! It was so cool watching the wait staff enter the room to pour champagne with sparks flying out of the bottles! If you are looking for a great way to make a huge impression at your reception, look no further.

I bought a few packs of these for my wedding anniversary to surprise my wife when I brought out the champagne bottle. What a great reaction! the never expected the bottle to have a pair of sparklers attached to it, and her jaw nearly hit the floor. The next evening when we had our friends over to celebrate, I put sparklers on all the bottles for us to light at the same time. Needless to say, you will likely be getting business from all the guests at my party becasue they were absolutely thrilled. Thanks guys!

I first saw bottle sparklers being used at a nightclub, but when I saw them on this site when looking for sparklers for my wedding I had to give them a try. We used them for the champagne bottles for our head table and they were a huge favorite among our guests. My only regret is that I should have bought more for every table instead of just the head table.

When our champagne bottles entered the reception hall, it was the coolest moment at our wedding. Our guests talked about it all night, and a few people even said they wanted them for their home parties. Apparently, they also work on cakes, Anyways, great company with good prices, products, and fast shipping. A+

You'll probably need bottles for your baby, whether they're for feeding formula, breast milk, or both. But when it comes to babies and bottles, there's no surefire trick for success. And there are so many different styles and brands of baby bottles on the market that it can be a little bewildering. No worries: Here's what you need to know about buying baby bottles and nipples.

The number of bottles and nipples you'll need depends on whether you'll be mostly bottle-feeding or mostly breastfeeding. If you're mostly bottle-feeding, you'll probably want eight to ten bottles, and if you're mostly breastfeeding, three or four should be enough.

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