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[S3E4] Crash


[S3E4] Crash

In the high school parking lot, Walt is about to pack a box of his work items into his Aztek. Jesse drives up to him and shows off the blue meth he has cooked. Walt angrily takes umbrage at Jesse cooking Walt's formula without him, nitpicking supposed flaws in Jesse's process. Walt further refuses Jesse's request to set up a meeting with Gus. Jesse drives off in a huff, with Walt's box forgotten atop his car, which crashes onto the pavement as he speeds away.

Jamie proceeds to start speeding, to the point his past student starts flipping out. At this point, I thought they were going to surely crash and die. All the while, Ambrose is in pursuit to try and stop Jamie, and luckily, they both just nearly miss each other and stop.

Outside, Cook and JJ try to sneak into the girls' party. Cook enters the house through a window but accidentally locks himself inside a wardrobe. After calling Freddie for help, JJ goes into the house by himself and sees Emily and Naomi kissing. Katie, too, witnesses the pair kissing, but is interrupted when her footballer boyfriend, Danny Guillermo, and dozens of his friends arrive at the house to crash the party. Effy finds Cook, and they have sex in the wardrobe. They fall through the wall into the next room and find a DVD which shows Angela having sex with her elderly neighbour, Martin. Freddie comes to take JJ home and confronts Effy about leaving Pandora for Cook. As he leaves, so does Effy.

Oggy and Jack pack their bags and are excited to go to the beach. They see the map and were about to start the vehicle but to their surprise, they see the cockroaches. Jack who is frustrated, whacks up the cockroaches and is about to abandon them but Oggy tells Jack that they'll abandon the cockroaches in places like a gas-station. Oggy says the cockroaches that they'll be taken for the ride. The cockroaches were happy and Oggy and Jack laugh as they're plan is going to start. They start their car and start driving. They pass through the toll gate after paying and they were driving in the midway. The cockroaches sing the Holiday song where the lyrics is "Holiday-Holiday-Holiday-School is on a holiday." in a loud voice but Oggy asks them to stop singing. The cockroaches were bored but Dee Dee takes a frisbee and plays it inside the car but after several hits, Jack threw it on a car which makes the driver crash with a tree. The cockroaches laugh.

Waiting for another ride, a pink car pulls over. The cats then get in, leaving the cockroaches as they taunt at them. The driver pushes a button which brings out a lever, and pulls it, causing the car to speed up and move recklessly, terrifying the cats. In front, there was no space due to two truck but the man did a stunt and passed through. A herd of police cars are then after the driver. He then turns around and crashes in front of them, sending them up and crashing them back down. After his escape, he drives onto a rollercoaster-styled road, with the cats getting terrified more. When they reach the end, the car flips while on the air, with the cats falling off, and lands safely with the driver still driving it. The cats, who are still falling, land on the grass near the roadside by head. A yellow car pulls over them, with the granny offering them to get in. As they attempt to get inside, they were shocked because the cockroaches were in there too, much to their chagrin.

Surviving the convenient car crash has made Conrad see the light, and he's no longer willing to hand himself into the authorities for framing David Clarke - Father Paul on the other hand hasn't been so lucky, and his injuries prove fatal after he goes into cardiac arrest.

Jack's also angry at Conrad, and for good reason. He's managed to strip nearly everybody he's ever loved away from him, and so his own lust for revenge is growing stronger by the minute. Unexpectedly offering to help Emily in bringing him down one way or another, the pair try to find evidence that would put Conrad

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